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Check My New Site -

Hey guys, I'm working on a brand new site where I'll be putting up alot of my favorite vids and stuff. Some of my new videos and pics, some of the old stuff, and some of my favorite vids and pics from friends and other girls will all be there.

Webcam shows, contests and some other stuff will be poppin this spring/ summer so stay checked in

Come thru and make sure you say hi! :)

Oh yea and I'm still at if you ever wanna holla!!

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MY Newest Rude Pics

Heyy My Newest BucketNekkit Webcam Vids Are Up....

I'll be posting them at my other blog and on rude. Her go the links if you wanna see. The new pics and new vid are already online. Holllaaaaa

New vid is here:

New pics are here:

Oh and here's the link to the lil preview vid if ya want:

BlackCreamyPies Clip

Anotha nasty hoe doing what she does best. Just a lil clip...

Phat Ass + Green Weed = ???

a Piffsponsa joint that has some sexy phat booty girls gettin fucked and shaking some ass. Ya likes?

New MissBlizz Vids + TI Album

Hey peoples. I got my newest vid titled "gettin juice in my panties" (dont laugh at it) and the unreleased TI album up at my newest blog

Go there. Now! LoL and lemme know what you think bot my vid and downloads I put up so far.

The New HOT Shit You NEED to Know About

Ight everybody. Here's the news - str8 from MissBlizz to you. That's the lil spy pic I had up before - now you can just go to Http:// to see the real thing! Yup, I finally have my new blog up and running. It's gonna have alotta the porn, and stuff that you see here but ALSO alot more of my personal videos and comments on different things. I know somma u sayin "jus shut up and make that ass clap while doin a handstand" . For those of you on that shit...fuck u lol. For those that want more free black and nasty xxx porn, phat asses, movies, mixtapes , albums, and missblizz vids...come thru the new spot and subscribe in the upper righthand of the new blog. If I can get somebody to hold the camcorder, we might make a lil vid at the club tonight lol. Anyway, see you at the NEW spot!!!

is my shit. Tell ya peoples peoples lol. Leave a comment in the new blog and lemme know what u think. Don't forget to get at me on my rudepagge too.

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